Monday, December 15, 2008

Reminder: Palo Alto Rally Today!

Rain or shine! From Granny Ruth of the Raging Grannies:

GREET THE MARCHING DUO who are headed from Southern California to San Francisco to urge the Supreme Court to REVOKE Prop 8.


Location: Embarcadero/El Camino Real

Major intersection next to Stanford U and Palo Alto H.S. in front of Town and Country Shopping Center

Entertainment by: The Raging Grannies with songs against Prop 8 set to holiday tunes

If you get there early you can meet us at Hobee's restaurant (very cool) to have tea or a snack/meal, say hello and if you want help make signs from 2:30PM

Press is expected.

If you get lost you can reach the Granny Hotline at (650) 279-8761.

Please forward to your SF Bay area friends. Tracie and Val plan to arrive in SF later in the week on the 19th at noon in front of the CA Supreme Court building where there will be another rally. Bay area folks can meet and greet them at either or both locations.



  1. Oh my gosh - this has to be my favorite pic (anti-hate granny) -- too funny - so great to remember there are awesome people like this out there!!

  2. My husband and I both work in Palo Alto - we tried to make it over on our lunch break to support the rally, but as we drove by at about 2:45 we didn't see anyone out there, and had no idea where they'd all be - and then we had to get back to work. :(

    GANBATTE!!! (Japanese for "Go for it!" - literally: "Try hard") Hope you don't get rained on (or much) for the rest of your trip! Equal Civil Rights for ALL!!

    -- Karisu