Tuesday, December 9, 2008


LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow (Wednesday), DAY WITHOUT A GAY, we'll be walking through Watsonville on Salinas Road, Main Street, and taking Freedom Blvd to the Aptos area.

DAY 22 - It was a pretty quiet day . . . except for the traffic whizzing by on San Miguel Canyon Road. We started with our most activity by the stores of Prunedale.

We walked past some of the locals. They were REALLY attentive.

They're pretty creative in naming their roads our here. You wouldn't believe this unless we took pictures!

And this peace wreath was a great view and encouragement towards the end of our day.

Even with a quiet day along a busy back road, we were still very supported by having 6 people pull over to offer support and sign the petition. One woman offered us a place to stay, another offered water, and others gave video clips. We also walked a little ways down a side road to do a phone interview with Lesley from IN Los Angeles Magazine.

Halfway through the day, we didn't have any contacts in Watsonville and no place to stay. By 3pm, we had 2 offers of places to stay. This trip has been full of "things just work out" moments.

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  1. You both are absolutely amazing and so inspiring!!!!! If you were coming as far as the Sacramento area I would walk with you. But please know that you have my support! My thoughts and prayers are with you both on this truly worthy walk!! I would usually say to a fellow biker for support and encouragement, "Ride Hard, Ride Long, and Ride Strong!" But I will say to you ladies (even though I am not a fellow walker) , " Walk Hard, Walk Long, and Walk Strong!!!!"

    Shannon ;)