Wednesday, December 3, 2008


LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow we'll be walking through San Miguel, Bradley, San Ardo, and San Lucas and as many of the roads in between that are safe and legal. In this area, we'll be hitting a long stretch of the 101 that is intermittently walkable with sporadic frontage roads that start and stop without reason. We are committed to walking visibly through these towns and bringing a voice to this desolate area.

DAY 16 - We began our day looking at this huge sign on the side of the 101... tells you a little bit about the area we're in.

Then we began walking on the railroad tracks leading into Templeton. Not many people to talk to, but it was very pretty and kind of rough terrain for walking.

Once we got into Templeton, we were mostly ignored... got several thumbs down and other unfriendly gestures. But we also met some great people. Here's the town of Templeton... yes all of it!
This is Cindy and Beth. Cindy saw us walking and was so excited to see us that she ran around the building and got her partner, of more than 20 years. They both signed our petition and Beth did a video clip for the CA Supreme Court. They thanked us for what we are doing several times, but we only walked through their town once, they do it everyday... Thank you Beth and Cindy!
We also met a woman, Robyn, who was excited to see us because her 16 year old daughter was very upset by the passage of prop 8. Robyn took a picture of us on her cell phone for her daughter.
We also met the Budweiser delivery guy who was VERY supportive. He gave us tips on our route, signed our petition and did a video clip.
Then we headed into Paso Robles where the reception was similar. We did meet Toni, who pulled over to talk to us and sign our petition. She offered to have her husband, George, who is a CHP officer, call us about our route for the next couple of days.

Then we met Santa!! And you know Santa was NOT happy about prop 8 passing! He gave us candy canes to keep us going and promised to bring us our civil rights for Christmas!!

We ended our day as we started... on the railroad tracks.


  1. You are doing just great! I wish I could march with you this weekend, but Edna will be there. I get! to work. Hope the feet are better. Take care, & let us know when your big homecoming party is.


  2. what you are doing is awesome! if you would like to guest blog for Wedding Pride please e-mail me at