Friday, December 19, 2008

Arrival at the Supreme Court!

From San Francisco's ABC-7, footage of Val and Tracie's arrival at the California Supreme Court, their moving statement, and the wonderful supporters who rallied with them!

The San Francisco Citizen reports that Val and Tracie "were joined by a crowd of over 100 supporters today as they made it literally to the steps of the courthouse."

They presented a statement of courage, persistence, and love outside the Supreme Court just as the Yes on 8 campaign presented their filing to the Supreme Court, which revealed the chilling news that Yes on 8 will indeed seek to invalidate the 18,000 same-sex marriages that occurred in California this summer.

From the ABC-7 transcript:

Valerie Paget and Tracie Jones are a married couple from Los Angeles who five weeks ago began a 450 mile march across California as part of a movement to revoke Prop 8.

Their journey ended Friday as they were greeted by gay marriage supporters at the steps of San Francisco City Hall.

"When we have faith and when we have courage, and when we take a hold of a moment in history, when we confront the challenges that face us, amazing things can happen," Paget said.

Paget and Jones' marriage was recognized by the state of California in May.

Their marriage would be invalid under Prop 8.

Sponsors of the measure Friday filed a legal request to nullify marriages of all 18,000 same-sex couples who exchanged vows before voters passed the gay marriage ban."

Special thanks to Molly McKay of Marriage Equality in San Francisco for making today happen in style! Thanks to Lilia Tamm of the Courage Campaign. Thanks to all of the hosts, wavers, supporters, suppliers, and blog commenters who cheered Val and Tracie forward.

Val and Tracie, it's been an honor being part of your team. You amaze and inspire me. Tears of admiration and joy, and a big hug.



  1. Congratulations on your walk!!

    You all made it a day early, as in Santa Barbara your prediction was to arrive there on 20th December.

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    Jay Laffoon here...I know a blast from the past! Imagine my surprise to be online reading the USA Today and find your the world truly is shrinking.

    I have many fond memories of life in Petoskey and the Paget family. I know my parents are still in touch with your Mom and Jon.

    We are on opposite sides of this issue. However, that being said I'd love to dialogue with you about your journey from Petoskey to the steps of the CA supreme court. I believe you remember me well enough to know I'm not going to judge or get in a verbal joust. Would simply love to re-connect and understand your journey. Feel free to connect anytime or (989)463-5572



  4. Thank you for doing this for all GLBT America! You made it! God bless you and your marriage now and forever--Amen!

  5. YOU MADE IT!!!! 450 M>I>L>E>S!!! WOOHOOOOO! you guys amaze me! I only wish I was there with you to walk up those steps with you! Just amazing, AMAZING people! I love you both so much Aunt Val and Aunt Tracie!

  6. My best friend and I had an amazing time at the protest. We hope our big orange signs were helpful and supportive :) You are an inspiration to everyone and a reminder that everybody deserves equal rights. We were just a fraction of your straight (but not narrow) allies in the City and we were thrilled that you made the trek!

  7. Hello Val & Tracie it is all about least in my mind. What a quest my friends. You represent such hope for our sisters future. Thank you it use to be Del and Phyliss. If you do not know of these gals pls ask someone over 40 in the castro.The two of you with your recognition can do great things now. Blaze on. BTW I wouldn't go to the inauguration though Warren is giving the service....Hmmmm Maybe we do need a march in DC. Thank you Obama

  8. Congratulations on making it! It was an honor to be there to greet you. Thank you for inspiring all of us to do more than march in a circle!