Wednesday, December 17, 2008


LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow (Wed), we'll be walking on the El Camino from San Mateo to South San Fran!!

DAY 29 - We had a few people join us today and got a little more love from the peninsula. An ambulance must have been trying to drum up business because he set off his siren a few times quickly in support, almost giving us each a heart attack! It was LOUD! A woman who does a radio talk show on a progressive station (960AM) in SF pulled over and asked if she could interview us one night this week..... stay tuned!

We received a phone call from Nancy in the morning about joining us for part of the day. She showed up bearing hot drinks!! It was a cold, wet morning, so we were very thankful!

Shortly after Nancy showed up, Jeffrey from HRC and Don with Marriage Equality also showed up. They all walked with us for awhile. Don gave us ribbon shaped pins that are the colors of the rainbow. We added them to our collection on our backpacks.

We stopped for lunch at a little taqueria on the El Camino that was DELICIOUS! We give it 2 thumbs up!

After lunch we were joined by Matthew from LA. He has been emailing us since we left LA, wanting to join us but having finals, etc. So he joined us today!! We were very happy to meet him and have him with us!

The 3 of us went to Nancy's house for dinner after walking. She picked us up and delivered us to our cars and insisted we join her and her family for dinner while she found us all a place to stay for the evening.

This is Sachiko (she gets her exquisite chef skills from her dad) - she's making delicious pot stickers.

Here's the whole group: Valerie, Keoki, Sachiko, Luis, Nancy, Matt & Tracie. We feasted on a wonderful meal of green beans, pot stickers, tofu and broccoli (I know there was more but don't remember it all!). THANK YOU Nancy and family!!

After dinner, we (Valerie, Tracie, and Matt) headed over to our hostesses home for the evening. Carol and Susan readily agreed to host the 3 of us and made us feel right at home. We are standing in front of their wedding pictures (from 2004) and cards. They did get remarried this year also. They brilliantly said that straight people get married and hope to grow old together, while gay people grow old together and hope to someday get married. (we didn't say goodbye because they've agreed to have us one more night)

We were offered one other place to stay tonight, with Kim, and we just wanted to say thank you to Kim for offering to have us and we are very sorry for your loss. We walked with you in mind today.