Monday, December 8, 2008


You have all met Edna. She and her partner, Linda, housed us on night 5 (ish) in Camarillo. Edna came up to walk with us for a couple of days near Salinas and she was also our hostess again for night 19 - and this is where we stayed... in her camper. It was very warm and cozy. She had perfect timing - we weren't sure where we were staying Saturday. Thank you Edna!

Here we are with our hostesses for night 20. Melissa and Lisa worked tirelessly on the NO on 8 campaign. Because there is not an organized LGBT group in their community, they, along with some of their friends, have begun to form one. Check out for more information. Lisa also made sure we got media coverage throughout our day in Salinas.


  1. Hello, Valerie & Tracie and the rest of the world. A big THANK YOU for a tremdous invaluable experience I had walking with you and our cause to revoke Prop 8 along the 101 fwy for 2 days against a backdrop filled with 100's of acres of fresh broccoli, aspargus and green bean plantings. You both can be proud to have opened up hearts and give others courage, like myself, to act out positively toward hatred and discrimination against people. You ARE making a difference. Be safe and take special care of yourselves along the rest of your journey to S.F. and the California supreme court.
    Love, hugs and kisses,

  2. Sorry for the typo errors! Computer also down Again.
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