Saturday, December 13, 2008


LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow, Sunday, we will be taking a break! We may actually sleep until we wake up with NO alarm and then we're going to work on our video clips with Jill. She is driving up from Paso Robles to spend they day editing the clips we've been collecting
DAY 26: We started out on Saratoga/Los Gatos Road in Los Gatos. We didn't take any pictures in Los Gatos.... because it was FREEZING and we didn't want to slow down to take the camera out or we might have gotten frost bite! It was COLD!
We did have one great interaction in Los Gatos. We passed a man and woman walking and they said "good luck." We thanked them and kept walking, because it WAS COLD! After a few minutes, we heard someone yell, "wait!" It was the man we had passed, running to catch up to us. He apologized and said that he just figured out what our signs meant and wanted to support us. He signed our petition, did a video clip to the Supreme Court and insisted on giving us some cash for lunch. As we said goodbye, he mentioned that he's a retired judge and thinks this is a pretty easy decision for the justices to make.
Once we got to Saratoga, our hostess from the night before, Lisa, joined us (with Rookie). Lisa and Rookie walked several miles with us before returning home.

We use bungee cords to attach our signs to our packs and we lost one... so on our walk today, we stopped off at the Home Depot to get new ones. As soon as we walked in, Ms. Claus greeted us cheerfully and loudly - "You guys were in the paper and now you're in my Home Depot?!" She gave us candy canes and sent us to aisle 24.
We passed through Cupertino - not a lot of response from the traffic going by, positive or negative. It seemed that people in Cupertino were too busy today to be bothered with equal rights.
Valerie insisted on putting this picture in of the Sunnyvale sign (that you can't read!) and Tracie's big head (okay, she actually said Tracie's beautiful face)!
We were told that it might start raining today and when we were two blocks from the end of our walk, it started to come down pretty hard. We ducked for cover under this parking shelter and put our rain jackets on.

Then, we met up with Alex - the son of our hosts from last night, and the San Francisco chapter head of Marriage Equality - and Ray, the Santa Clara county chapter head for Marriage Equality. We swapped stories with them about our fight for equality and what we've all been doing to keep the conversations going. Ray invited us to attend a meeting at the DeFrank Center in San Jose tomorrow (Sunday) at 3pm, which we look forward to.
We headed back to Lisa and Bill's for another night. We spent dinner with Lisa, Bill, Alex, Bev, and David. We laughed harder than we have in a long time! Lisa fixed wonderful meals both nights... no wonder we're not losing weight! Thank you Lisa and Bill - pictures to come tomorrow!


  1. Hey, I love your photos...they are really nice...

  2. Your trip is truly inspiring, I'm so glad we got to be a little part of it! And we'll get you to be avid facebook users in no time. :)

  3. I was at the meeting at the Billy DeFrank LGBT center and was honored by your presence. It's one thing to protest at these rallies, but what you are doing is truly remarkable. I found that being visible is truly the way to go, and want to explore ways of how people of faith who are members of the LGBT community but are ostracized and marginalized by their places of faith can become visible as well. Thank you for your journey and the visibility you have provided for our cause!