Sunday, December 7, 2008


LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow (Monday), we'll be walking through Salinas on Abbott, John, and Main streets.

DAY 20 - Edna joined us again today. We were on a long stretch of the 101 / dirt roads / and railroad tracks. This is what most of our day looked like. . . fields and mountains in the background. Beautiful, but exhausting walking along the freeway. The last 5 miles we walked into a STRONG wind. We looked a little windblown at days end. Again, we have to say how great Edna was - she was sore and blistered, but soldiered on!
We stopped along the way to have some lunch, check the email, look at some maps, etc.

We did notice that the closer we got to Salinas, the more love we got from passersby. And we are so glad to have completed the more desolate area of our trip . . . and we're also very glad that we walked through it.
We ended our day at Lisa and Melissa's house. Here
we are at dinner with them and their friends: Amber, Lisa, Shaylla, Tracie, Edna, Melissa, Rosa, and Liana. We had a great time getting to know them over dinner. They worked very hard with No on Prop 8 and are still just as engaged to make sure Prop 8 gets repealed.

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