Monday, December 8, 2008


LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll be walking from Salinas to Watsonville.

DAY 21 - We began our morning early (around 7am) in the southern part of Salinas with 8 locals joining us! They stayed with us for several hours, walking into downtown with us. Thank you all for joining us - your involvement in your community is inspiring and motivating!

We did 3 interviews today - one with Mark at KION, one with Adriana at Univision, and one with Japhy at We also learned that we were mentioned in the local Salinas paper, The Californian. Here's Mark shooting some footage of Valerie getting a video clip.

Overall, our experience in Salinas was very positive. Danny, at a Shell station, came out and offered us some complimentary coffee or hot chocolate. A woman pulled over and insisted on giving us $20 for lunch. And here's a great tatoo - it's Amber's (she's in the black and white checks in the pictures at the top of this post) - she got it the day after the election.

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