Friday, December 12, 2008


LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow, Saturday, we will be walking from Los Gatos on Los Gatos/Saratoga/Sunnyvale Rd to Sunnyvale.

DAY 25: As noted in yesterday's post, we intended to walk over to Los Gatos from Santa Cruz, but were warned by everyone local that it was really unsafe. So, we stuck to our original plan of making sure we were visible in all of the towns along the way. We didn't go in a straight line - we went up the 17 to Scotts Valley and then over to the 9 to go to Felton, Ben Lomand, Boulder Creek and a few others that were very small.

We headed off into our day after a much enjoyed morning around the kitchen table eating french toast and talking to Ashland, Ali, and Ayden (you too Bryan and Frank!). Then we set off armed with a care package of bananas, protein bars and fruit. Thank you guys!

Many of the towns we were in today are very cute with a lot of character. We weren't met with a whole lot of responses, but again, when we were greeted it was mostly positive.

In Scotts Valley we were met by Karen from the San Jose Mercury News. She walked with us for awhile taking pictures and asking questions. Look for us in section B on page 3 tomorrow! Thank you Karen!

One of the last people of the day we saw was Diane, who recognized our car - we were on our way to our hosts house for the evening, passing through Saratoga to get there. She signed our petition and we hope she joins us walking tomorrow!

We made it to Lisa and Bill's in Saratoga. They fed us a wonderful meal, let us use their computer, and introduced us to their two dogs. They often take in foster dogs and work with them so they can be adopted. (pictures tomorrow)

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