Friday, December 12, 2008


LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow we'll be hopping, skipping, driving, jumping and walking over to Los Gatos from Santa Cruz. We had planned to strictly walk over, but the closer we got to Santa Cruz, and the more locals that we talked to, it became clear that we will die if we attempt to go over the 17 or any other equivalent road. So, we'll walk what we can and drive our car from town to town, leapfrogging each other as we walk.

DAY 24 - We began our day in Aptos. Minutes after we began, Blissah joined us and stayed with us for 8 out of the 10 miles that we walked. Below are Valerie and Blissah standing on a bridge in Aptos. Blissah also came bearing delicious gifts - veggie sandwiches, persimmon cookies, and a healthy mango drink. Thank you Blissah!

We stopped off at Temple Beth El to meet Rabbi Rick. He was very encouraging and supportive of our walk, as were the other people we met at the Temple. Here we are with Rabbi Rick in their courtyard.

We had another walker join us once we left the Temple. Cappy, who has a long history of activism and is a member of the Santa Cruz chapter of the Raging Grannies, is pictured below (she's on the far left - pun intended).

We continued with our interfaith theme for the day and stopped at Inner Light Ministries looking for Reverend Deb. We've heard wonderful things about her outspokenness on inequality. While we didn't find Reverend Deb, we did fine 2 wonderful ministers (standing between Valerie and Tracie) who signed our petition, did video clips for the CA Supreme Court, sent us supportive text messages, and posted an encouraging message on our blog!

Then we reached Santa Cruz. As we were crossing the street to get a picture of the sign, these 2 women with the Department of Parks and Recreation yelled support and graciously agreed to be in the picture with us.

While walking through downtown Santa Cruz, we met up with Elizabeth from the Good Times newspaper for an interview. Click here to see the article. Thank you Elizabeth!

We ended up at the Diversity Center in Santa Cruz for a meet and greet from 5:30 - 7pm. This is a picture of some of those in attendance. It was a great group and it was wonderful to meet with so many people passionate about this issue and ready and willing to do something about it. Thank you to everyone who attended; thank you Woody for the wine; thank you Steve for the nuts; thank you to whoever brought the champagne; and thank you Dan and Glen for making this event happen!

We ended our evening at Bryan and Frank's home. They have been together for 17 years and they have the most adorable 5 1/2 year old triplets who are very aware of what prop 8 is about. The kids asked us about why we're walking, where we sleep, and how we eat during the day. We learned that Ashland likes horses, Ali likes Max, and Ayden likes rockets. We had a wonderful time with them and challenge any Yes on 8 person to demonstrate half of the love, commitment, and respect that this family does. You are an inspiration to us!

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