Saturday, December 6, 2008


LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow we'll be walking along the 101 freeway from Gonzales to Salinas.

DAY 19 - We got a really late start today. But BONUS for us... when we woke up at Don and Kathleen's, we had an addition to our walking team for the day. Edna (she and her partner, Linda, put us up on night 5 in Camarillo) came to join us!

The 3 of us set off to our starting point for the day and began our walk through Soledad.

After walking through Soledad (pretty uneventful), we hit a pretty desolate stretch of the highway. During these stretches, there's not really anywhere to eat, or use the bathroom... so you learn to take advantage of what's around you. Little did we know when we used these outhouses, there were balance issues to consider. Valerie and Tracie came out of the left and middle stalls only to find the whole contraption suddenly tilt down.....with Edna in the end. Tracie jumped up on the end of the trailer before it completely tipped over.

One of the local attractions... if you look closely at the sign... is the correctional facility. Here's a picture of 2 recent escapees.

As we mentioned yesterday, Channel 8 news said they were interested in interviewing us. During a part of the day that we had to walk along the railroad tracks, they showed up to interview us. This picture is of Ravi, the reporter that did the interview. He and the camera man were very friendly and treated us well. We plan to eat at his dad's restaurant, Maharani (it means Queen), in San Francisco when we arrive.

We ended our day walking through Gonzales. We had an interesting conversation with a guy in a local Taquaria. He didn't necessarily agree with us, but asked good questions and was very pleasant. We plan to go back to the taquaria for Chavelas ... a well balanced meal in a glass.

We loved having Edna join us on our walk - she was a trooper!! Also, if she hadn't shown up this weekend, we wouldn't have had a place to stay tonight. We all slept very comfortably in her camper. (we'll post pics later)

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