Monday, December 15, 2008


LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow (Monday), we'll be walking down El Camino Real from Sunnyvale to Palo Alto, ending at Embarcadero and El Camino for a rally with the Raging Grannies at 3pm.

DAY 27 - We took a day off from walking to work primarily on compiling our video clips. Jill drove up from Paso Robles to help (meaning she did all the work!). She sat in front of the computer for more than 12 hours, very patiently weeding through our hundreds of amateur video clips!!!! She put together our short YouTube video that you can now link to from our blog. She also weeded through MANY more video clips to compile for a larger project. THANK YOU JILL!!! You rock!!

We also took the opportunity to take care of "administrative" duties. We made new signs - our old ones are sooooo faded. We caught up on some email, etc. Even spending all day, we only put a small dent in everything there is to do for the final few days. We also got some help from Katie and Ben in doing a new flyer to announce the rally in San Francisco. THANK YOU KATIE & BEN!!

At 3pm, we went to a meeting at the DeFrank Center in San Jose. Ray (from yesterday) invited us to attend. There were a group of people meeting to discuss how they can continue to effect change in their communities. This picture includes about one third of the group - they had broken up into smaller groups to brainstorm. It is worth noting that this group had about 300 people attending the day after the election - these are the 30 commited people that keep showing up. They are role models for all of us... we need to KEEP SHOWING UP!

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