Saturday, November 15, 2008

From West Hollywood to the California Supreme Court in San Francisco. Be Part of this Historic March!

TUESDAY - 8AM - W Hollywood

WHO: Valerie & Tracie – an L.A. couple affected by the passage of Proposition 8.
WHAT: March with them for one hour, or more, as they begin their journey
WHEN: Leaving Tuesday, 11/18/08, @ 8AM
WHERE: West Hollywood Park at San Vicente & Santa Monica Blvd



  • Track the daily progress and location of the march
  • Join rallies as we take this fight from L.A. to Sacramento
  • March with us for an hour, a day, a week, or a month
  • Blog and tell us - when you can join us - what actions you are taking to demand equality
  • Wear Revoke 8 gear to raise awareness (see below)
  • Access updated links (see right column)
  • Volunteer with the march (see below)

Bring your letters written to the California Supreme Court Justices. Tell them your story. We will put a face on this fight. Sign the Petition to Revoke Prop 8 at the march. We will deliver these to the California Supreme Court Justices.

We have changed our destination to San Francisco because the actions pending there may be decided in the next couple of months. The actions in Sacramento will not be decided until the next couple of years. We will march from Los Angeles, to the State Supreme Court, through each coastal city; and everywhere else in between unless prohibited by injury, illness, unpassable roads, or an unsafe environment.

We will be quiet no more. Civil rights are changed, not by isolated courtroom decisions, but by the uprising of people; people standing up and saying “We will be quiet no more.” “We will no longer be treated as second-class citizens.” Our voice and our actions inspire what is legislated in courtrooms. If people had not continued to march and protest during early civil rights movements, there would have been no reason for the courts to legislate change, the status quo would have been sufficient. But people continued to rise up, make noise, and say “No more.” Sacramento will respond to our voice, they must, because we will not be silenced. Equality is ours to demand. We will move this fight from our neighborhoods to the steps of the state capitol and MARCH TO REVOKE 8.