Sunday, November 30, 2008


A huge, special thank you to our new friend, computer wizard, and technical consultant Anthony from Camarillo!!! He called to check in on us last Wednesday, called again to problem solve our computer problems on Thursday, (We have been having difficulty connecting to the internet) and then, on Friday, he drove 4 hours round trip to run repairs and fixed our laptop wireless problems!! THANK YOU ANTHONY!!


  1. We are booking a flight arriving on the 18th and leaving on the 21st. not sure what hotel we will be at but of course, you will have a place to stay with us if you need on either the 18, 19, or 20 - or all three nights. can't wait to celebrate with you.
    much love,
    lisa and david

  2. I was happy to come up, and visit with you guys some more on your journey.

    Besides, it's the least I could do for you two who are doing what those of us wish we could do but can't afford too!

    Go get em Tiger(s)!

  3. I thank God for everyone who is making your way easier; wish I could be part of it more than in spirit!
    You are an inspiration. Safe journey on your way--

  4. I am so proud of what you stand and walk for. You are putting your beliefs into peaceful and compelling action that will make a difference and inspire observers. Wish I could participate, but I know you're representing for many who can't be with you. Right on, my ladies! (P.S.--We miss you down here in LA!)

  5. Hi, we met your supporters Michelle and Melissa. We're from Santa Cruz, worked for No on 8, part of a UCC church here and more, and long ago walked the same route the other way. You probably know already that Google maps has a "walking" feature that lists routes close to 101. I will call you soon to meet you by phone and offer whatever we can. Happy walking and happy encounters! Peter and Liz