Sunday, November 30, 2008


DAY 13 - We began in Shell Beach and continued on to San Luis Obispo.

LOCATION UPDATE: We'll be finishing our walk through San Luis Obispo, then traveling up the grade probably by car (we've been advised that it's not safe to walk), hopefully finishing in Santa Margarita.

DAY 13 - We had to say goodbye to Michelle and Melissa today. They will be sorely missed. WE LOVE YOU!!

Before leaving, Michelle and Melissa dropped us off to begin our day of walking in Shell Beach.

We were greeted warmly all through Shell Beach. Swarms of people stopped us to sign our petition, gave video clips and encouraged us on our way.

Just as we were reaching the more desolate part of the walk, Shelly came along and gave us granola bars. If not for her, we truly would have been VERY hungry - there wasn't another chance to eat after that. THANK YOU SHELLY!! Along the frontage road beside highway 101, Valerie did her Forest Gump impersonation.

Just when our day was winding down and we were trying to determine how to get back to our car, Chris and Lisa (from days 10 & 11) called to see if we needed a ride. YES! They picked us up and delivered us to our car with a suggestion that we visit the local hot springs just a mile down the road. We followed their advice.

Our guardian angels have been staying very busy!
We ended the day with our hostess for the night, Rosalinda. She treated us to dinner at a local favorite, Splash, in Pismo.... GREAT clam chowder. She welcomed us into her beautiful, warm home, fed us wine and sweets, and made sure we were safe and sound for the night. (pic to follow)

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  1. Too bad your sister and neice couldn't stay for the duration -- they were REALLY wonderful people and I'm sure a huge help for you. Stay strong out there on your own -- but I guess you know you aren't really out there on your own -- all of us for whom you walk are there with you! Take Care!