Thursday, November 27, 2008


DAY 10 - We spent all day on the 101 freeway with our new support/rally car, powered by Valerie's sister, Michelle, and her niece, Melissa (pics to come tomorrow).

LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow (Black Friday), we will begin our walk on Clark Street at the 101 freeway and walk through Orcutt and Santa Maria.

We began our day with a little bit bigger team... Michelle and Melissa drove from Denver to help us on our journey. They were INVALUABLE! They dropped us off to start our walk, scouted routes for us, brought us lunch, gave us moral support, and spent Thanksgiving with us!

We have been told that we can't walk on the 101 freeway, but when we called the local CHP office, they said that we could walk on the stretch from Buellton to Santa Maria. They said that after Santa Maria we would see signs posted stating where we could no longer walk. So off we went! We walked maybe one quarter of one mile when we saw this sign....

We decided to go with what the CHP officer said, and we kept walking!

Along the way, we saw more locals...

We went to Los Alamos and when we were approaching the Los Alamos exit, a very nice CHP officer pulled over and told us that we couldn't walk any farther on the 101 freeway. He was very supportive of our cause, and stated that he wanted us to be safe. Thank you officer!

The highlight of the day was Thanksgiving dinner with Sandra, Barbara, Michelle and Melissa. They prepared such a wonderful meal... they shared wonderful stories... and Rags (in Barbara's lap) put his two cents in too! We loved sharing Thanksgiving with Barbara and Sandra. They were wonderful hostesses and lovely women with such rich histories. It was such a pleasure spending time with them.

We're heading off to our next lodging place... more tomorrow!
Thank you again for all the support, blog messages, honks, text messages, etc. It really does keep us going!

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  1. From Lisa in Cincinnati - ok - i've tried to leave 4 comments so far but as i am a technological idiot, haven't been able to figure out how to do it. thank god i'm savvy in other areas!!
    i am awed by your commitment. not only to revoke prop 8 but to each other. Trace, i am blessed to say i have known you for almost 25 years and i am so grateful for our friendship. Val has enhanced your life in such a beautiful way and I'm thankful you are my friends. You guys are amazing. Would love to see you in San Fran if I can work it out to honor your feat. (no pun intended, trace!)