Saturday, November 22, 2008


This is what our walk looked like most of the day... beautiful! The sign is misleading...we walked a few more than 3 miles - more like 10.

LOCATION UPDATE: Saturday we had planned to march through Oxnard and Ventura, however, we are taking a day of rest to heal Tracie's blisters. (as hard as she tries to prevent them, they keep coming back!) We will be attending a rally at a local health food store that gave money to the yes on 8 campaign - Lassens Health Foods at 4071 E. Main in Ventura - Hope to see you there!

Back to day 4! The walk was beutiful, but a little painful for Tracie - still fighting with blisters. (warning: there is a picture below of the blisters, viewer discretion advised) We had mostly traffic again today, and not a lot of honking or feedback. We did meet a few wonderful people. Marshall rode his bike up to us and asked about what we're doing. We talked for a minute and then he rode off. An hour or two later, Marshall rode up again after having enjoyed his hambuger at Neptune's Net and pulled 2 beers out of his pocket for us! We sat right down at the beach and enjoyed them - thanks Marshall!!

Then we ran across a couple from Newbury Park, who were camping along the PCH. Dawn and Robert crossed barriers to sign the petition!

Here are our lovely hostesses for night 4 - Terri and Toni - in their gorgeous backyard. They fixed Tracie a nice epsom salt bath for her feet, fed us a wonderful Thai meal, and graciously gave us their wonderful vibrating bed that rocked us to sleep in record time. Their dog, Tuli, will have a comment segment on our Supreme Court video.
And here is a picture of ONE of Tracie's blisters! Both pinky toes are JUST blisters now, and both main foot pads are very blistered. We hope to treat and rest these on Saturday and start off on our trek again Sunday.


  1. It was my pleasure to share a beer with you two!! Sentiment without action is the ruination of the soul and you two are all action!! I hope you walk past churches and schools and bars and campgrounds and the electoral mass is shamed by their complicity in blatant discrimination. It’d be nice if those who would have voted but didn’t apologize in person and that more beer is offered, with food and wine and places to stay. I also hope you get some comfortable walking shoes. It’s a beautiful fight when you’re right my friends … Take care and it was wonderful to meet you- Marshall

  2. I envy Marshall, and Dawn & Robert and the demonstrators at Lassen's; they meet you in person. Thanks for a pictorial look at your journey for justice! You are giving us hope and encouraging our own direct actions. And, Tracie, nothing--NOTHING--keeps you down! Walking with you in spirit,

  3. I know it's probably too late now but I would suggest trying to use moleskin (the Dr. Scholl's kind, not any harm to moles!) to shield your feet. You can find it in most supermarkets and it's both more durable and moldable than mere bandaids. I wouldn't suggest putting it on already blistered areas as it's held on by adhesive, but it's saved my feet before and can be reusable.

    I hope you don't mind but I spread your story on my blog. Monica's in a juggling group I'm a part of and she posted on there, so I'm spreading the love and just wanted to let you know Hanford supports your trek!!! ***HUGS***