Sunday, November 30, 2008


DAY 12 - We began in Nipomo, then walked through Arroyo Grande, ending on the beach in Pismo Beach.

LOCATION UPDATE: We'll be walking through Shell Beach and into San Luis Obispo tomorrow (Sunday).

DAY 12 - One odd thing that followed us all day... we were recognized A LOT since we were on the evening news last night. So many people seemed very excited to stop us, they commented that they had seen us, and they asked to sign our petition.
We started the day walking with Margi and Linda through their small town of Nipomo.

Then we headed through Arroyo Grande and the 5 Cities area. While walking through Arroyo Grande, a woman (Heather) pulled her car over and approached us. She gave us each 2 plums and then told us that she had voted yes on 8 and that she is a big proponent of prop 8. She had seen us on the news the night before and wanted to tell us that she respected our right to express ourselves and she appreciated that we were doing so in a peaceful and respectful way. Before we could gather our wits to ask her anything, she was off on her way. Thank you Heather for the food and kind words!

Along the way we met some fantastic people! Terry, who pulled over and thanked us for what we were doing, and gave us $20 for lunch... a whole Aveda salon full of employees that signed our petition... Tom who pulled over to ask if we needed anything... and a woman that asked if she could take our picture because her son is gay and she understands why we're doing what we're doing. These people are what keeps us going!!

Between Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach, we were joined by 2 couples that we stayed with earlier in the trip, and another couple that saw us on the news and asked to join us. From the left... Helen, Sandra, Valerie, Tracie, Lynne, Kathleen, Dan, and Barbara. They stayed with us until we reached the Monarch Butterfly Grove.

At the Monarch Butterfly Grove, we were joined by our hostesses from Days 10 & 11, Lisa and Chris. They stayed with us to the end of DAY 12.

The end of the day did provide a beautiful view of the ocean.

And when we said that Chris and Lisa stayed until the end of the day... we meant that Melissa and then Chris actually carried Valerie the last few steps. Thank you MELISSA & CHRIS!!

And again today, Michelle and Melissa, were invaluable in their contributions... scouting out our route and shuttling people back to their cars after they walked. Michelle was flagged down by Peter and Liz who had been searching for us all day - they gave her cookies for us and offered their support.

We had dinner at Margi and Linda's house and then ended our day at Rick's house for the night. Here is Rick with his award winning pumpkin (the largest pumpkin in San Luis Obispo county at 673 pounds!) Rick has been active in fighting for GLBT equality for 40 years... helping street kids, assisting in starting the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, writing letters to the editor, is a leader of the local PFLAG group. Rick cans jam, restores old cars, and makes WONDERFUL pancakes with homemade white pear syrup!

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  1. It was a pleasure to host you for the night. I wish you the best on your march to San Francisco. You still have my phone number, so call if you need anything. Keep in touch.