Friday, November 28, 2008


DAY 11 - We walked through the towns of Orcutt and Santa Maria, just off of the 101.

LOCATION UPDATE: We will be walking through the Nipomo, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach area on Saturday.

DAY 11 - Once again, Valerie's sister and niece, Michelle and Melissa, provided emotional support, encouragement and route information. They also joined us for part of our walk today. Here they are with the support/rally car.

Today was a BIG media day! One of our hostesses for Thursday and Friday nights, Chris, called her local media stations. Both CBS and NBC found us along our route and interviewed us. (you can already see the NBC interview - Sarah posted it on the blog - Thank you Sarah!) Our story led off the 6 o'clock news in Santa Maria! Here's Valerie being interviewed for the NBC piece:

Chris joined us for the whole walk today through her town - it was great having the company and mutual support! Her dog, Tasha, was also a die hard supporter today.

At one point, we had a small and enthusiatic group marching through Santa Maria. Here we are: Melissa, Valerie, Michelle, Janette (Chris' mom), Chris, and Tasha!

The reception was mixed in Santa Maria. It was a day of largely being ignored... as if we might just go away if people don't acknowledge that we are out and protesting. Here, Valerie and Michelle talk to a suporter and get him to sign the Courage Campaign petition.

Here we are with our hostesses for Thursday and Friday nights: Lisa and Chris. They very graciously agreed to host us for 2 nights. Chris poured over maps with us to help determine our route. Lisa and Chris served a wonderful dinner, and Chris' mom, Janette, thought of us on her Black Friday shopping spree and bought us a memory card for our camera. THANK YOU Lisa, Chris, and Janette!!


  1. name is courtney cummings. I just wanted to say i think what you two are doing is so inspiring and emotinaly uplifting. thank you. i hope you two get all the support possible along your journey. i also wanted to offer you two a place to stay once you reach the city. please feel free to e-mail me at luck to you both, and thank you for what you two are enduring. GOOD LUCK:)

  2. from David in Cincinnati - if i wasn't an immigrant, i'd be voting with you guys. If i wasn't in cincinnati, i'd be walking with you guys. i feel lucky to have met you and stayed with you both last year. it's awesome to know people so dedicated to a good cause. hell, i might even come out of the closet if you get this revoked. (lisa is laughing)

  3. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present than to have met you two. When prop 8 passed, I was so angry. I normally have a pretty optimistic view of my fellow human beings, but this vote really knocked me off my stride. To see that you two, on your own initiative, took positive steps (no pun intended - ok maybe a little pun!), was very inspiring. I think you may have me on the road to recovery -- I may be able to have some faith in others again. Thank you for giving me some joy back!