Wednesday, November 26, 2008


DAY 8 took us through beautiful Santa Barbara on Cabrillo and then downtown on State Street.
LOCATION UPDATE: Tomorrow (Wed) we will be on San Marcos Pass and then the 246 going through Santa Ynez, Solvang and Buellton.

DAY 8 - We started out on Cabrillo at the Bird Refuge - beautiful! Then when we got to the beach, we were met by Rafael from the Santa Barbara News-Press - he took several pictures of us walking. Here's Rafael taking a picture of us taking a picture of him.

Shortly after that we were met by David from - he took us out to the shore with the pier in the background for a video interview.

As we continued up State Street, we were soon met by Paul from the Santa Barbara Independent - he followed us for many blocks.... or we should say, we followed him. He very patiently escorted us through south Santa Barbara...we were constantly greeted by people wanting to sign the petition and contribute to the video clips. Here's Paul doing gymnastics on his bike while taking pictures.

Paul gave us the best tip of the day... where to eat lunch! Savoy Cafe was healthy and delicious - we loved it!

We continued on State Street through north Santa Barbara where we tried to spread the love from south SB to much more conservative neighborhoods. We also got a little rained on at the end of the day - but we made good time to the end of our route.

We ended our day in Santa Barbara at Victoria's house. She fed us delicious soup made from squash that she grew. Victoria invited several people over - we all shared stories, some did video clips to the supreme court and everyone signed the petition. Thank you Victoria, Aiden, Laura, Sherri, and Lauren! Here we are with Victoria and Aiden.


  1. Hi Valerie and Tracie, This is Mark, I met you on the 246 just outside of Solvang. It was so wonderful to see the two of you walking so bravely through my extremely conservative neck of the woods. Thank you for the inspiration, you both made my day. Wishing you a safe trip, and complete success on your goal! Mark in Solvang.

  2. On our drive from Santa Barbara to Cambria a few weeks before the election, my wife and I were shocked at the high density of the "Yes on 8" bumper stickers between Buellton and San Luis Obispo. My thoughts and prayers are with you, especially in your walk through California's shockingly conservative central corridor. May you open eyes and hearts with your journey.

    Daryl in Santa Barbara