Wednesday, November 19, 2008


LOCATION UPDATE: We traveled from Santa Monica to Malibu today (Wednesday) and we'll be leaving from Las Flores and PCH in Malibu tomorrow morning around 9am.

We are well rested because of our fantastic hosts - here we are with our dear friend Deb on night one!

Today was fantastic!! Because of one thing.... all of you. And we mean this very sincerely. Here are a few of our experiences with you: Perk, the gorgeous lifeguard/actor/model/all around nice guy (they really do exist!) Deborah - who pulled over to ask if we needed water (she heard us on the Stephanie Miller Show!), and then she offered her home if we needed a break! Then there's Craig who graciously picked us up when Tracie's blisters prevented her from going any further, and he dropped us off at our lodging location for the night. And Craig's mom, Gera, who sent Craig back over with Mole Skin that she insists will help the blisters - this Mole Skin has traveled the world with her... good karma! Those of you who added comments to our blog - wow, we were both teary eyed reading those comments. We really do all effect each another. Then there was Matt who is so determined to join us and march, he's trying to take his final exams early! And our brother-in-law, Joe, came to the rescue and helped us fix something on our website!

You are all so inspiring. We regret we can't write every story of every one we're touched by... but know that it's truly amazing.

Tracie's blisters have caused us to move a little slower than we would have liked, but nonetheless, we've still traveled about 20 miles and about 50,000 steps! And on about mile 18, we learned that the California Supreme Court agreed to hear cases regarding Prop 8!!! Great News!

Tomorrow we'll be traveling up the Pacific Coast Highway. From our experience today, we may reach areas that begin to get unpassable... and as we leave Malibu's city limits, we'll not have any other cities to go through until a little farther up PCH in Oxnard. So, depending on the safety of the road (we've been advised not to walk on this next portion - but we want to at least try) - we'll be in Oxnard in the next couple of days.

Keep fighting the fight!


  1. Gera is right: Moleskin will do wonders. You go, young ladies!

    I supported CrossWalk America walkers from Phoenix to Washington DC. They had the long stretches, no towns problem too. Their support team took them back by car two or three evenings and drove them back to their advanced point of the previous day, then drove them forward two or three nights and back. They also had troubles with feet at first. They toughened up as they went.
    Listen to people's warnings about walking PCH, but use your own judgment. You can also scout the next day's walk by car in just a few minutes, and spot places where you might be safer riding around a curve, for instance.
    Also remember you have our support, but not our demands. Don't let our expectations cause you to do more than you can. Five miles, or even three at first, may be a really successful day.
    Walking with you in spirt,

  2. Dear Valerie and Tracie

    Guido and I are in full support of your march. You are a true inspiration and we hope that your efforts will result in recognition of your full rights.

    We are with you in spirit and look forward to your updates.
    Virginia & Guido
    Glendale, CA