Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here's an email that Frangela sent us after we were on their radio show. Check them out on AM1150 - Saturdays and Sundays from 2-4pm. We'll be calling Frangela every weekend we're on the road to San Fran!

You soooo rock!!!!
We will make sure to announce your amazing walk again this weekend!
And you have to try to call in if you can with updates please!!!!!
It'll be a frangela exclusive, unless of course, you're, you know, updating someone else too . . .
which would be your right . . .you know . . .we would totally understand and stuff :)
you both rock!
and you are soooo putting your beliefs into action - you are a true inspiration to us all!
thank you again for calling and writing and doing what you do!
you rock,
angela & frances


  1. I just found out about your march. YOu go girls! Know that two married lesbians in Bakersfield are rooting you on. Who knows....we might even drive over to the coast to see if we can catch up with you! Safe walking and keep those blisters clean and dry!

  2. Hey sisters,
    Colorado friends and family are praying for safety, honest dialogue and lots of love on your walk. Hope to join you in December, so keep up the good work! The Duct Tape guys swear duct tape cures/prevents most everything...even blisters. Yikes!!! Second skin, Nu skin, breathable, non-cotton socks might help too. Love you! Michelle

  3. i am willing to drive to you on sunday and take you something for your feet if you need me to, let me know. otherwise: YOU GUYS ROCK!

  4. I'm amazed! I can't wait til you get to our neck of the woods. The wife and I are at the end of your trip (Oakland...just across the bay from SF!!)but starting now I'll be watching! I wish you good weather and good walking; THANK YOU!!

  5. Hi. Thank you for what you two are doing!M y name is Jennifer Schumaker and I walked from San Diego to SF from April 8 - June 6, 2006. I called it "Walk for Togetherness" and at the end crossed the Golden Gate with 200 marriage equality USA supporters. I wish you the same amazing stories along your way, and momentum for our march toward equality for all of us. Take care and I'll keep checking on you. I'll also link your blog to my site And get some bandaid brand blister pads (the rubbery ones) -they're pure magic!

  6. Hi ladies I met you in Ventura; this Christy. So here are the lyrics as promised.
    Sung to the tune of All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth.

    I must protest for all to see,
    A vote took my civil rights away from me.
    Ignorance is to blame for this catastrophe!
    So my 1 wish this Christmas Eve,
    is plain for all to see.
    Chorus-All I want for Christmas
    is my civil rights. my civil rights
    Oh my civil rights.
    If I only had my civil rights then
    I could get married at Christmas.

    It's been a long road,
    for us to say "I do" to our love
    Gosh I would be happy to hear
    Kiss the ______ at Christmas.

    So there you go, I hope you like it. Keep the Faith, Christy Q