Thursday, November 20, 2008


We traveled up the PCH through more of Malibu today. Even with a late start and healing feet, we went another ten miles or so.

Location Update: Tomorrow (Friday) we will be completing the long stretch of PCH through Malibu (who knew Malibu was so long) and ending at Oxnard.

A big thank you to Craig for transporting us safely and for his advice on blister care - feet are almost like new excepting one small remaining area. Did not encounter much foot traffic today, but were able to pass out our new flier, thanks to Katie. PCH traffic was steady and primarily supportive. Deborah, who checked in on us again today, calling our march God's work, is now our official guardian angel. And to our fantastic hostesses, Linda and Edna - the flowers, the home cooked meal, the hot tub, and the sharing of stories was a most wonderful night to remember. It's so nice to have such a warm, friendly welcome after a long day of walking. Thank you doesn't quite convey our appreciation. We will post some pictures tomorrow.


  1. Dear Tracie and Valerie,

    Thank you for going the distance, literally, for all of us. I just learned about your march to revoke Prop 8 and it's making me cry out of tears of gratitude for your heroic deed. Thank you for sharing all of your stories on the road. I'd said a prayer for you both and have requested that God send you guardian angels. I would like to write a letter to tell my story but it's prolly too late now to give to you in person so I was wondering if an email would do. Please let me know.

    With love and admiration,

  2. Tracie and Valerie - Way to go!!
    What you are doing is fantastic and so important!!

    We support your efforts and we are confident you will succeed!! We wish we could join you. Maybe we can catch up with you along the way somewhere!

    We want you to know how much this means to us!! We have been together 26 years (just recently married) and we have a 5 year old son!! Equality is so important for everyone, and to our family.

    We thank you for knocking on the Justices door --for all of us!!!

    Walk carefully and confidently!!

    Thank you! Tonya, Jacque and Maxx