Thursday, November 27, 2008


DAY 9 - This is how we looked for the first half of our walk!

We were wisely advised by several locals not to drive over the pass from Santa Barbara to Armour Ranch Road just past Lake Cachuma. It had NO shoulder in most locations.

We began our day at Armour Ranch/246 towards Santa Ynez in the pouring rain!! Once we reached Santa Ynez, we decided they needed a little love from the Revoke 8 crowd (the two of us). We detoured off of our path to walk through town (which amounted to about 8 blocks round trip).

On our walk we were mostly ignored. We did go into the local newspaper office and ask if they'd like to take a picture or hear our story. An anonymous individual spoke with us outside the office and said we'd be more likely to get married in Texas than to get our picture published in their paper. (This person was very supportive of us, but kindly sent us on our way.)

A little bit outside of Santa Ynez, we stopped at the YMCA to get out of the continued downpour (and to change our socks!).

We then set off for Solvang, where we received much more support - and it rained very little after that! Mark (who blogged on the 11/27/08 post) pulled over onto the side of the road to encourage us. He also gave us a very kind donation to help with our lunch - thanks Mark!! Once we were in town, a man sitting at a stop light told us that he'd read about us in the Santa Barbara News Press and he wished us luck! Once we got closer to Buellton, we were given advice by some of the locals...

Once we reached Buellton, we headed to our hotel for the night where Valerie's sister Michelle and niece, Melissa were going to join us.

Several days before, we receved an email from Gina offering support along the way. She included the contact information a friend of hers, John, from their UU church in San Luis Obispo, stating he could help move our car on Wednesday. This turned out to be such a wonderful thing. We REALLY needed our car to be moved. John (on the right) and Jerry, picked up our car and delivered it to our hotel. THANK YOU JOHN and JERRY!!


  1. Hi Tracie and Valerie, it's Mark saying hi again. I love the pix you posted of my little neck of the woods, so interesting to see it from anothers perspective. I really just had to comment on the fact that you stopped at the valley journal, LOL, you should have seen the full page yes on 8 fire and brimstone ads! Really though, that you can comment that there is a person from inside that place that is actually supportive is twice now that you both have enlightened me, and I must thank you both for that. Do you wonder what kind of impact the two of you are REALLY having on those who encounter you? Fascinating stuff! Once again, my best wishes go out to you for a safe journey and a dissolution of this foolishness we call prop. 8. Mark :)

  2. Bless you on your journey. I hope you meet nothing but smiles and good wishes the rest of the way. I will not be reading any publcation which was so rude to you. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would discourage love in this cold, cruel world.